Devilishly splendid read


The Victorian Gothic series

As a demonic threat ravages Victorian London, an unlikely group of associates are bound together to fight a supernatural power unleashed by a strange book.

Praise for the Victorian Gothic books

Fantastic debut novel




Twists and turns in each chapter keep you guessing on the plot


Couldn't put it down


The characters' exploits had me transfixed through the whole book


The second half moves at such a pace that make sure you have book 2 lined up so you can carry on


The Books


The Uncanny Death of Katherine Kramer⁠

It is December 1888. Jack the Ripper has not killed for over a month and London is beginning to relax as Christmas approaches. 

But when Katherine Kramer cuts herself on a strange book at a dinner party and falls ill, desperate attempts to save her by her husband Richard – a professor of medicine – and his friend and colleague Charlie Bentwith are futile, and she dies in horrific circumstances. 

When Charlie’s wife Constance falls ill in similar circumstances, the two friends are plunged into a murky underground world of witchcraft and esoterica, far removed from the science they know and trust. 

With the London press wondering whether the Ripper has returned, the friends must race against time to save Constance and avenge Katherine’s death.



A Most Perilous Name⁠

Katherine Kramer has been avenged, but at what cost? 

Richard Kramer, still nursing his injuries, is on his way to Germany with Lily Lefèvre to find his sister Anne and her children. Charlie Bentwith is struggling to overcome the trauma of recent events and the enigmatic Dr Westcott seems to be distracted by problems of his own.

When a new threat arises from an unexpected source, the group of friends who had been bound together by Katherine’s death are scattered and still reeling from their recent ordeal.

Can they come together a second time to fight this new danger? Or will the divisions that are beginning to surface be too much to overcome?



The Acceptable Face of Insanity

It has been 10 long years since Constance Bentwith was imprisoned in Bedlam and the shocking events which preceded her incarceration.

During that time, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn has split asunder, now a hotbed for dangerous minds as its members clash over esoteric ideologies.

10 years ago, Richard and Lily Kramer left London and the trauma of 1889 behind them to settle in the tranquil town of Ryde on the Isle of Wight.

But when an unexpected visitor from their past arrives, they are once again reluctantly drawn into the esoteric world of rituals and monsters. Only this time, the monsters are more human than they bargained for. And infinitely more dangerous.


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Chilling Shorts

A collection of seventeen twisted tales and poems by D. R. Miller. Tales of madness, disturbia and the supernatural – for enjoyment before bedtime. 

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